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Aiming In A Snooker Game

How do you aim while playing snooker?

When it comes to playing snooker, aiming and scoring and winning is the main purpose of the game. Once the above is accomplished, the fun and reward for hard work is paid off.

Suppose you are watching a snooker game being played, you will notice players potting with ease and you might think the scoring is as easy as  it seems but not its not.There is a test and its best experienced when you are given that cue stick and you meet the reality of ‘hit and miss’.…


What makes me want to consider learning snooker?

Snooker is a fairly simplistic game, But it’s all about how you develop your own strategies and conquer the field of the game through your skills and control over the Que, it is very easy to learn snooker, there is a lot of snooker schools held around Europe mainly But it is still very easy to learn it by playing casually in Pubs, Cafes, or social clubs and it can be much easier learning casually and as efficient as attending a snooker school, You get to know new people and experience more on how it is on the actual game, Analyze different player’s strategies and learn to counter them while also having a great time and making new friends.…

About Me

Snooker is a simple game but can get quite difficult with tough competitors. The real challenge while playing is not only the way you control your cue, or how you break, or your winning streaks but it is the way your mind develops a strategy for playing the game or how your brain responds in an under-pressure situation. Snooker is not a difficult game to learn but learning to control yourself during the whole game is a major task. The strategy you will develop, the tactics you will follow, how you will remain calm, how will you play, and so on are actually more decisive factors while playing snooker.…