Valuable Tips That Can Help You Master Snooker Basics

Trying your hand at a new sport can be a daunting process. No matter how much enthusiasm you cough up, without knowing the basics, it can get intimidating. It’s only with time and patience that you can master a game, literally. However, a few basic tips can help you start and get you going. Now, when it comes to snooker, it is not the easiest game made. Nevertheless, learning these basic shots will help you start and to master it, and all you need to do is practice. As they say, “Practice makes a man perfect.”

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Top Three Snooker Shots

Top Spin

If your experience with pool is only limited to playing in the pub, then understand that snooker is a lot similar. Top spin is when you hit the object ball with no further thought. To play this shot, raise your bridge hand higher than usual and strike it.

Hampered Cuing

Take your time. Always calculate your shots. Don’t just play for the sake of playing. Bring in a sense of confidence and that will help you. Also, channel a variety of bridging styles. From moving your hand away from the cue ball to simply tucking your middle fingers in, try to experiment.

Masse Shot

Masse shot is not the easiest. In fact, a lot of top players struggle with it. But hey, maybe you might get it right. No harm in trying, right? If and when you find yourself snookered, you can use this fix. Choose a vertical angle to hit the cue ball. Now, your white must travel the path of a banana and then you hit your object ball.

Fundamentals Of The Game

  • Keep a stance that is comfortable as it will help you not only play better, but also concentrate better.
  • Always keep your grip relaxed and not tight.
  • Before your shot, see if your bridge is stable and only then you take a hit.
  • Always calculate the amount of speed required before you take the shot.
  • Make sure your vision alignment is correct.
  • Use your cue to help you aim.
  • If you need a quick draw, only then elevate your cue.
  • The 30-degree rule tells us that the cue ball always travels through the natural angle direction. And, if you are opting for safety play, this rule comes in handy.
  • Always try the top shots for best results, such as Masse Shot.

Happy Playing!