Thinking About Snooker? Things You Must Know….

The game of snooker is played on a table covered by baize. The game has its origin from British Army officers who were based in India. It was generally played as a pastime activity but as it grew in popularity among the British, Joe Davis was instrumental in promoting the game from a pastime activity to a professional level. He helped to organize the first World Snooker Championship in 1927.

Tips about snooker

  • The game has 2 players and the aim would be to beat the opponent by scoring more.
  • The balls are usually colored and the stick used for the game is referred to as a cue.
  • All balls have a specific location on the table during the game.
  • There are six pockets on the table and in snooker parlance, getting the balls into those pockets are referred to as potting the ball.
  • There is an order to which these balls should be potted, according to colors. There are 22 balls classified as follows:

Red balls – fifteen in number and each ball has a point value of one point

Other colors – yellow which has a point value of two points, point value of three points is of green, point value of four points is of brown , blue has a point value of five points, point value of six points is of pink and black has a point value of seven points.

White ball – the cue ball which is used by the striker to pot all other balls and has no point value

  • A number of frames are established for each match. Whichever player has the highest number of frames wins the game.
  • If a ball is potted ensuingthat the rules are obeyed, the player is entitled to continue playing until he/she fails to pot a ball.


Remember! Don’t get to some awkward snooker classes with shady instructors. These things are never a happy-ending story, at least not as happy as with fakedrivingschool instructors, LOL!

As with every game, different things work for different people so it is best for each person to find what is suitable and works best. However, the following points should not be taken for granted and might have to be learnt.

  • The grip gives good control of the cue.
  • The bridge hand has to be firm. Without a good bridge, the strike on the ball might be misguided.
  • From every angle, be sure to have good vision of the ball then get in the most comfortable position. Players need to try different positions in which they are comfortable to take shots.
  • It helps to spend some time accessing angles in order to get balls into the pockets before taking shots.
  • Avoid jump shots where the cue ball will rise from the table. It is illegal in international games or could be considered as a foul.

In conclusion, the game requires concentration, technique, patience and accuracy. Research and experimenting with positions might be what a beginner will have to do in order to create his/her own style.