What makes me want to consider learning snooker?

Snooker is a fairly simplistic game, But it’s all about how you develop your own strategies and conquer the field of the game through your skills and control over the Que, it is very easy to learn snooker, there is a lot of snooker schools held around Europe mainly But it is still very easy to learn it by playing casually in Pubs, Cafes, or social clubs and it can be much easier learning casually and as efficient as attending a snooker school, You get to know new people and experience more on how it is on the actual game, Analyze different player’s strategies and learn to counter them while also having a great time and making new friends.
Snooker can be a profitable game too, Many local tournaments are held around the world for the best local players to join in and prove themselves for a small pot of money, Not only that is profitable money-wise but it is also profitable it terms of recognition and exposure if you are considering to join the professional ranks of the game which then counts for larger pots of money as well.

What kind of information can I find on your site?

Coughing material, A complete step-by-step guideline of the game, The basics and the cosmetics for the new players and also tips and tricks and new strategies on how to conquer the field to your favor, how to balance your Que angles to get the perfect shot, for the intermediate players that wish to join the professional ranks.
You may also find many other cosmetic information and updates on the game, The latest news around the world of grand competition and tournaments, Opinions and reviews of the professionals aside from my own experience around the field and their views  and opinions about the game and their contributions to the community of snooker

What urged you to write and share your experience about this game?

I think such an easy yet mind-opening game such as snooker deserves more attention and exposure than it currently has, Snooker is easy for new and amateur players to learn and develop new things to play around with the game, and also its constantly updating with tournaments world-wide and professional players going up and down with the competitive ladder, such news and information can be also important to some players.

What are your thoughts about snooker as a whole game?

Snooker is a very classy and elegant yet very simple game, it opens the door for any kind of new players to join in and even make profit out of it, it encourages advanced thinking, analyzing and patience as everyone makes up their own strategies and focus on the field to win and stand out, Snooker might not be as famous as many other sports but it can be practiced at many places, it also encourages sportsmanship behavior and sharing experiences as I have learned from my past plays and event attendances.