7 Easy To Learn Snooker Shots For First Timers

Starting a new sport is like everything in life: you are very bad at first. It is sad but true; nobody is born knowing how to play tennis, basketball, snooker or football. Some might have more talent than others and learn faster but, in the end,, it is all a matter of dedication and passion.

With snooker, the thing is that pros make it look awfully easy that make you think you can do it just as well with fifteen minutes practice.

Well, as the saying goes: the only thing you start from the top is a pit. Read on and learn about the seven basic snooker moves you need to get started.

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Massé Shot

The idea is that the white ball has to take a little jump.

We´re starting with one of the most difficult shots in snooker: the massé shot. This kind of ball is good when shooting conditions are extreme but even pros take not only years, but decades to master it.

The idea is that the white ball has to take a little jump and then arch its movement (or go definitely back on its own tracks) to hit the object ball. For this to happen there is a very particular way of hitting the ball with the correct amount of pace.

Hampered Cueing

It is true that if we close our eyes and think of snooker, we imagine a green field with balls in which every shot is made with the highest level of comfort possible. Well, in the real world there are many times (especially if you are playing with people who can really play) in which you will find you are trapped in an extremely uncomfortable shooting position.

These moments call for your imagination: follow the golden rule, think the shot at least three minutes.

Top Spin

The white ball will go where you want always and keep going straight.

Much of the snooker game is in controlling the white ball. You can do what many do and hit it aimlessly all the game waiting for randomness or luck come to your help or you can learn how to direct it like a missile.

With this kind of shot, the white ball will go where you want always and keep going straight in that direction too. Just aim with the tip of the cue higher than you would normally do.

Left On The Right Hand Side

A good snooker player is always a strategic snooker player. You always have to be thinking about the next move, not only the one you are doing at the moment. Let´s take for example a ball that is across the cloth on the other side.

You hit it fully and it goes in but the white ball is left in an uncomfortable place with nothing to do.

Yes, you lost your next shot because you lacked strategy. With this kind of shot you can direct the white ball left or right after hitting the objective and leave it prepared for the next shot. Just hit it on the correct side.

Use That Rest

Many players are afraid of the rest.

Many players are afraid of the rest. You are going to have to use it at one moment or another of your game, so better be good friends with it.

Make sure of two things: the rest needs to be well supported on the table and your elbow has to be parallel to the cloth.

Finally, always remember to hold it firmly.

Stun Shot

Hitting a red ball (for example) from a long distance and making it go into a hole is one of the first great feelings you get with snooker. The point is where is the white one going, right? Well, when you are preparing the shot, make sure you hit the white ball dead center but just a little below and you´ll see how the backspin of it will wear out after hitting the ball and it will take its place.

Screw Back

If you make the balls from a stun shot closer one from the other, what you will get is a screw back. The object ball goes in, the white comes back at you.


No, you are not ready for the world championship yet, but mastering these seven moves will take you one step forward in your playing. Besides, practicing is a lot of fun, isn´t it?