Top 10 World Best Snooker Players 2015-2016

Are you a snooker fan? Well, this is one of the most interesting games, mostly played in Britain. Snooker attracts competitors all over the world. The championships see the best players tied and compete against great prices. Snooker is played as a professional game, earning a lot of fans around the world. The top ten super champion players in the year 2015-2016 performed exemplary well, putting this game in the limelight. If you missed a glimpse of the top players, do not worry as this article aims at informing you who these players are. To begin our analysis, we bring to you;

  1. Jimmy White

This is a humorous player who has shown his credibility for the game by scooping several awards. He has made about 1000 points in his gaming. Since he has great strategies, he has been able to collect as many points as possible. Above all, he has aided in the putting of the game on the map.

  1. Judd Trumph

He is among the best players with amazing skills. He possesses nice looks. Above all, he is a revolutionary man. He is a committed player in the world and his efforts are incredible.

  1. Ronnie O Sulivan

The best all round world snooker player. He uses both hands. He is sought of a genius and has done impressive skills, earning his respect all over the world. Ronnie is a people’s favorite.

  1. Stuart Bingham

He has participated in many games than any other player. Stuart is the favorite scores of all times and his excellent skills have seen him earn respect in the snooker competitions.

  1. Stephen Hendry

He is one of the top leading players to win in many competitions. A seven-time world champion. With his excellent playing skills,  he became outstanding and a renowned champion.

  1. Mark Allen

He won top awards in this sport. With excellent playing skills, Mark Allen is headed for greatness. He has made over 800 scores and he looks a promising talent in the North Island.

  1. Neil Robertson

He believes in winning and that has been his principal. Being among the best players is a position he has acquired through selling his skills in an excellent way. He knows where to aim and how to hit. This is a talent worth recognizing.

  1. Mark Davis

Ranked among the best-paid players, Mark has won a lot of national and international competitions. He is determined and will try to win each and every competition that comes on his way.

  1. Ding Junhui

He is a very hard-working man and very dedicated. He has found passion in this game. He believes hard work pays and he has scored highly putting his rank among the best. He has won several championships, making the game his favorite.

  1. Marco Fu

This is a very experienced snooker player who has used his talent to popularize the game. With his efforts, Marco has been able to rise to greatness and make a living out of this game. His focus and dedication give him the morale to perform at his level best.

The best players ranked above have made the game known to many nations. This has enabled the game to spread and gain a more fun base. The above players operate on their own principles that enable them to win many competitions.