How to Set Up a Snooker Table

All work without play makes jack a dull boy. According to most health professionals, a hobby goes a long way in helping one to cope with stress and improve a person’s health. Playing snooker is one of the most popular hobbies practices by many people across the world.

What is snooker?

Snooker is almost similar to a pool table but unlike it, a snooker table has a unique way of arranging the balls. It’s played with cues in which the players use the cue ball to pocket the other balls.

Types of Balls on a Snooker Table?

  • 15 red balls
  • Yellow ball (two)
  • Green ball (three)
  • Brown ball (four)
  • Blue ball (five)
  • Pink ball (six)
  • Black ball (seven)
  • White ball ( the cue ball)

Snooker table also has Regions; these are;

Balk line:

This this the line which has three marked spots close to one of the rails of the snooker table.

D spot:

This is the area behind the balk line which is usually marked in an imaginary half a circle using the balk line as the diameter.

So how the balls arranged on the table?

The fifteen red balls are placed in a triangle on the end farthest from the D spot. The triangle should be arranged in such a way that it is in the middle between the two side rails. On a standard snooker table, the end of the triangle directly opposite the D spot should be approximately thirty-six inches away from the D spot.

The black ball should be placed a balls distance behind the triangle. This should be the side opposite from the D spot. On a standard snooker table, it should be placed approximately three-quarters inches from the back rail.

The pink ball should be placed on the point of the triangle which points to the D spot. Ensure that this point is a middle way between the two side rails of the table. The pink ball, like the black ball, should be placed in such a way that it doesn’t touch the red ball. On a standard snooker table, this point should be approximately 36 inches from the D spot.

The blue ball should be placed in the middle of the snooker table. At this point, it should be in line with the pink ball and the D spot. Approximately it should be seventy-two inches from the back rail and middle way between the two side rails.

The Yellow, brown and green balls should be arranged in a descending order in a line along the balk line. On this line, there are three marked spots indicating where these balls should be placed. The white cue ball should be placed in the D spot in such a way that it forms an imaginary half a circle with the balk line.

To start the game one places the cue ball anywhere on the D spot. From this point, one can aim to hit any ball in an attempt to sink a red ball and a colored ball so that the game can begin.  This game is a wonderful way to bond with your friends or family members. It can also help one to relax after a day of work.

This is a sport in that when you find yourself becoming too good in, consider joining the championship.

Have fun!