Valuable Tips That Can Help You Master Snooker Basics

Trying your hand at a new sport can be a daunting process. No matter how much enthusiasm you cough up, without knowing the basics, it can get intimidating. It’s only with time and patience that you can master a game, literally. However, a few basic tips can help you start and get you going. Now, when it comes to snooker, it is not the easiest game made. Nevertheless, learning these basic shots will help you start and to master it, and all you need to do is practice.…

7 Easy To Learn Snooker Shots For First Timers

Starting a new sport is like everything in life: you are very bad at first. It is sad but true; nobody is born knowing how to play tennis, basketball, snooker or football. Some might have more talent than others and learn faster but, in the end,, it is all a matter of dedication and passion.

With snooker, the thing is that pros make it look awfully easy that make you think you can do it just as well with fifteen minutes practice.

Playing Snooker – Why And What For?!

You like challenges? Then play snooker! It is one of the most interesting games that you can play while enjoying your drink in the pub since it engages and challenges your mind and you also enjoy competing for intellectuality with other people. No wonder Clive James once said that, “Snooker is just chess with balls.” This game can get so captivating that you will want to play whenever you see a pool table just to challenge someone and win. Fun right?…