Snooker: Top Players At The China Open

China Open is quite a new snooker tournament in the World Snooker main tour, being founded in 1997. The first edition of the China International, the name at that time, was a non-ranking tournament. Starting from the 2nd edition of the tournament, when the name was changed into China Open and the tournament became a ranking one. Starting from 1997, the China Open is part of the snooker main tour circuit, excepting the year of 2001, when the tournament was abandoned.…

Playing Snooker – Why And What For?!

You like challenges? Then play snooker! It is one of the most interesting games that you can play while enjoying your drink in the pub since it engages and challenges your mind and you also enjoy competing for intellectuality with other people. No wonder Clive James once said that, “Snooker is just chess with balls.” This game can get so captivating that you will want to play whenever you see a pool table just to challenge someone and win. Fun right?…

Not The Snooker They Want Now – Series

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Snooker at Its Best

There are snooker players who have played pertinent roles in putting the game out there. Notably Joe Davis, from the United Kingdom. He is considered to be the grandfather of snooker and the father of modern day snooker. He played a major role in the development of the game and never lost a world snooker championship.

Since snooker is a game of skill and technique, technique is always referred to. Below is a list of players whose techniques continue to be talked about:

Joe Davis from the United Kingdom – Although he started his career in the old times when equipment were not as good as they are today, he is still talked about.…

Thinking About Snooker? Things You Must Know….

Remember! Don't get to some awkward snooker classes with shady instructors. These things are never a happy-ending story, at least not as happy as with fakedrivingschool instructors, LOL! As with every game, different things work for different people so it is best for each person to find what is suitable and works best. However, the following points should not be taken for granted and might have to be learnt.