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Not The Snooker They Want Now – Series

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Snooker at Its Best

There are snooker players who have played pertinent roles in putting the game out there. Notably Joe Davis, from the United Kingdom. He is considered to be the grandfather of snooker and the father of modern day snooker. He played a major role in the development of the game and never lost a world snooker championship.

Since snooker is a game of skill and technique, technique is always referred to. Below is a list of players whose techniques continue to be talked about:

Joe Davis from the United Kingdom – Although he started his career in the old times when equipment were not as good as they are today, he is still talked about.…

Thinking About Snooker? Things You Must Know….

Remember! Don't get to some awkward snooker classes with shady instructors. These things are never a happy-ending story, at least not as happy as with fakedrivingschool instructors, LOL! As with every game, different things work for different people so it is best for each person to find what is suitable and works best. However, the following points should not be taken for granted and might have to be learnt.

Richest Snooker Players and Their Earnings

Apart from being just a fun sport,snooker game is also as rewarding to its players as other sports. Since this sport is fast spreading, many players have taken a big step to make it a profession and they are making millions out of this sport. This has made snooker to be among the toughest and highest paying sport. Nowonder the game has gained popularity in Britain and its outskirts. The following players come top when earning from the sport they love is considered; snooker.…

Step by Step Guide on How to Play Snooker

The game of snooker is a quickly gaining popularity, especially in America where the pool table is already dominant .In the recent years, people are taking to this game as a hobby and quite a number pursue it professionally. A number of people view this game as having many similarities with the pool table. However, how the game is played is quite different from how the pool table game is played. For that reason we are going to go over some steps on how to play snooker.…

Easy Ways on How to Put the Ball in Snooker

Playing snooker is competitive , interesting  and fun.  And just like any other game hardwork and mastering its art is a must. So we can say , the greatest snooker players who managed to get to top ranks had to  master the skill and perfected it to get there. Watching experts like Ronnie play snooker appears an easy thing to attempt. Until you pick the cue stick and make a try. To become an excellent player and pot as many balls as possible into the snooker requires practice and practice, a basic know-how of the rules and tips on how shooting is done.…

Snooker Rules and Regulations

As fun as most games are they all got rules , sometimes too strict but either way we are here to have fun and win ofcos!

Snooker isn’t any diiferent with the rules. It’s a professional game that is played on a snooker table with rules. The table has strict dimensions and cups located in each corner. Snooker balls used to play this game are clearly labeled to avoid confusion. Snooker rules and regulations once adhered to, make the game complete and more professional.…

Difference Between Pool And Snooker Games

Snooker and pool can be quite confusing, especially to those people who have never come across either of the two sports. There is a geographical and cultural based explanation to show why a pool is popular in America and snooker is popular in Britain and its colonies. A pool and snooker differ in many ways, namely; size, type, and the number of balls, height, with pockets and the types of games played in each mentioned game. These differences bring closer the unseen uniqueness, making individuals have a better understanding of the two sports.…

How to Set Up a Snooker Table

All work without play makes jack a dull boy. According to most health professionals, a hobby goes a long way in helping one to cope with stress and improve a person’s health. Playing snooker is one of the most popular hobbies practices by many people across the world.

What is snooker?

Snooker is almost similar to a pool table but unlike it, a snooker table has a unique way of arranging the balls. It’s played with cues in which the players use the cue ball to pocket the other balls.…